POC Ventral SPIN

POC Ventral SPIN

  • Unique aerodynamic design optimized with CFD testing for enhanced aerodynamic performance and minimal air turbulence.
  • Includes SPIN (Shearing Pad INside), silicone pad technology
  • Extreme cooling and ventilation due to innovative air flow design.
  • High performance EPS liner with targeted and optimized density to provide the ideal balance of low weight and crash protection.
  • Fully wrapped unibody shell construction to increase safety and helmet integrity.
  • Light weight size adjustment system for a personalised fit.
  • Easily adjustable precision straps molded into the helmet liner for extra comfort and safety.
  • Eye garage to keep your sunglasses securely in position when placed on the helmet.

This is a super fast, rad helmet. In a world where Aero is king, this is the crown.

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